About Us

 JAHNO (pronounced "JA - KNOW") 

Jahno Herbs is a family owned and operation business.  Our offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia USA, and St. Cathrine, Jamaica.  All our products are sourced in Jamaica.  Jahno Herbs is an online retail store.

We work with small Jamaican farmers to source the best quality herbs for our customers.  All our herbs are wildcrafted, naturally harvested, no additives, nothing added, just water and the sun from the heavens.

The herbs are also packaged in Jamaica, however we distribute from Atlanta, Georgia, with the exception of Amazon storefront, which stores our products all over the US, and Canada.

Jahno Herbs was  formed with a simple goal, share our culture with the world.  As proud Jamaicans, we know our music has been known to heal, liberate, educate and comfort people from all walks of life.  We intend to do the same with our herbs.  Using natural herbs to fix every problem in our daily lives is a deeply rooted part of our culture, and we wish to share this with you, one household at a time.

The name JAHNO comes from our late great father, a brilliant man, husband, educator, sports loving, our personal chef, and secret super hero.  

Our goal at Jahno Herbs is to provide you with natural healthy solutions to some of the issues others may have purposely complicated in the name of turning a buck.  

Jahno Herbs is an online retail store.

Jahno Herbs is owned by JAHNO LLC, a registered company in Atlanta, Georgia USA.