Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture Bless up, and welcome to JAHNO HERBS, a tea shop with culture

Adventures of being Home

Curfew and Lockdowns

Jamaica is on lockdown as a response to the rising infections rates of Corona Virus, Covid 19.  Before I go any further we encourage you to stay smart stay healthy, keep hydrated, exercise and Jamaican Guaco and Blue Vervain should always be in your tea cups, Links to buy below.

Moving on!  We are on a lockdown

Cue the music !!!

Hellshire Heights, St. Catherine St. Thomas, Skate park in a Gully near the sea Freedom ?

 We are in Kingston, St. Andrew.  The streets are empty, no jerk pans, no peanut vendors, no fruits man, the streets are empty people.  Myself and an old childhood friend did drive around Kingston a few nights, just to see what it was like (a risk as we could be fined for).  It was a bit like the walking dead or after Thanos snapped his fingers and half the worlds population disappeared.  It was an odd Erie feeling, but you could still hear muffled music playing all around.

The Jamaican spirit is something that is unbreakable, while the country was shutdown, our athletes were making bold statements, and breaking records in the olympics, Jr. Championships and the Prefontaine Classics. Congrats to them!

 Parchment Fastest Woman alive Jamaica Olympics Jahno Herbs

Being home is always magical, even during a lockdown, I am reminded to lean on my culture, find the joy in simplicity and keep grinding in the face of adversity. 

The Journey continues...